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Britney is the type to graduate highschool

Britney the type to sell more than your fave’s entire discography with a single album

Beyoncé the type to go back to school and get her diploma even though she has maintained a successful career without one for 18 years.

Beyoncé the type to have more than 1 Grammy, *cough cough* 17 Grammys *cough cough*

Beyoncé the type to be in a relationship for 11 years, be married once, and it wasn’t to a backup dancer who dumped his baby mama for her.

And even though she stay collecting award nominations & performing on tours, Beyoncé manages to still be the type to dare Britney to sing live

Britney the type to have the highest selling album of all time by a teenage artist

Have two diamond certified albums

Have a song selling over 10 million copies, which also happens to be the 25th highest selling song in UK history, had hit #1 in every country it charted, have one of the most iconic music videos of all time (being called by TRL as the greatest pop video of all time and playing it as the last video aired on the program), and kicked off the teen pop revival of the late 90’s/early 00’s

Have 6 songs selling more than 5 million copies (“Baby One More Time”, “Scream & Shout”, “Toxic”, “Circus”, “Oops!…I Did it Again”, and “Womanizer”, in that order)

Go through the most covered and publicized breakdown in history and still came out on top

Be the most searched person in the history of the internet

Be one of the most respected and enduring artists in pop music history

Be the only person to have ever performed live with both Madonna and Michael Jackson, who both have many times declared her one of the greatest, and is often considered a successor to them in term of pop music hierarchy

Be recognized as one of the greatest dancers in pop music history

Not have Grammys bought for her

Have the greatest comeback in pop music history

Sell 100 million+ albums worldwide as opposed to Beyonce’s 75 million

And still be a gracious, humble, down-to-earth person rather than being cocky and full of herself (like a certain someone else)

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Tyson the Swan

Tyson will attack you if you come within a two-mile stretch of the Grand Union Canal in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire. Joe Davies learned this the hard way and capsized.


*headstrong by trapt plays*

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By Adam Goldberg [x]

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holy shit

look at this

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Sakura Kinomoto + Transformation

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